Who is She!?

Her? Oh honey, that's Lois. She grew up in Cleveland, OH (like girl, suburbs next to the corn fields OH) but now she lives in New York, NY. She went out there to study acting or whatever. Study at Pace University or whatever. She's really fun! You should go dancing with her sometime. This girl goes to discos! Yes girl, discos! Who knows how she found one in 2020 but the girl goes in like Grace Jones circa 1978!

She's really got a vision though. She cares so much for others. Lemme tell you girl, Her work, whether it be acting or writing is all about creating the spaces and images she couldn't find when she was a tiny tot glued to the TV screen. Images that her believing that in order to reach her dreams she had to be less. Less Kenyan, less Muslim, less black. Eradicate completely who she is. She has dreams of leaving this industry better than the way she found it as that little girl. She makes a fact to do this in her writing, and although it's tougher to hold that same autonomy in acting she knows what it means to be a face in these spaces. She knows becuase she remembers what it meant to see Lupita Nyang'o claim that space, and Issa Rae claim that space, and Cynthia Erivo claim that space. She's ready to catch the baton next and make it a little easier for the next African gals behind her to catch it.